Water Filters Reviews: Brita and Pur Water Pitchers

Drinking filtered water has a number of benefits. Apart from many consumers attesting that filtered water tastes and smells better, this also has many health benefits. The most important function of a water filter is sieving or filtering impurities and harmful compounds in water, such as lead and other contaminants, including some bacteria or viruses […] Read more »

Pall Filters: Filter Validation

One of the world leaders in the field of filtration, Pall filters is a company that provides a diversity of products for this global industry. The entity offers a range of advanced products for filtration and their clients are among the best and finest in a variety of industries. Pall filters service groups in the […] Read more »

Hayward Pool Filters – Cleaning Tips

Filters play a major role in pool maintenance. Dirt, small or big, and other types of contaminants are efficiently sieved by Hayward pool filters. Hayward offers a line of dependable and energy-saving filtration tools that will definitely be beneficial to homes with pools. The company offers three kinds of filters, and these are: cartridge filter, […] Read more »

Protecting Your Health With an Under Sink Water Filter

An under sink water filter is a filtration system that provides clean water in your home or office with the proper minerals left intact. At the same time, it blocks out contaminates from entering the water that you drink, cook, and bathe with. These contaminates can include lead, industrial waste, and various pathogens. Purchasing the […] Read more »