Luberfiner Cross Reference Application: Quick and Easy to Use

Luber-finer is one of the top manufacturers of filters for light and heavy-duty vehicles. The company, a division of Champion Laboratories, produces top of the line filtration media that meets strict OEM standards. Their company is backed by 70 years of experience in the field and continues to invent new products with higher efficiency and […] Read more »

Compare Filter Performance with Fram Filter Cross Reference

In various types of equipment that use oil, the very heart of these machines are the filters. These oil filters ensure that foreign particles that enter the oil are sieved so that these will not combine with the oil when it circulates through the whole system. If particles recirculate with the oil, it will abrade […] Read more »

Should You Buy Fram Oil Filters?

In a number of Fram oil filters review forums, consumers who have tried the Fram oil filter have a lot of things to say about the product. Some of which are good, while others are not so good. Perceived Shortcomings of the Fram Oil Filter Some individuals who have been using Fram oil filters for […] Read more »

An Oil Filter Cross Reference Protects Your Engine

As part of a routine maintenance plan for any engine, an oil change is an absolute necessity. Without this step, you mitigate the benefits of new oil, and reduce the overall lifespan and efficiency of your engine. Without this relatively easy process, your engine could have disastrous consequences as the oil thickens from dirt and […] Read more »