The passive house

The new buzz word in house construction is Passive House. This is a new type of home which is insulated, air tight, fully equipped and comfortable, while minimizing the losses of all types of energy. This new way of designing houses, gives constructors a new possibility to combine materials which have not been used before […] Read more »

Checking The Insulation of Your Home

Good insulation is essential for efficient heating of your home. The best heating system won’t work too well if the heat is creeping outside. There are many reasons to reduce your energy consumption. Ecological concerns like global warming and a shortage of resources are a reason for some. Others are more attracted by the saving potential of […] Read more »

4 DIY tips for better insulated windows

Well insulated windows can reduce solar gain in summer and reduce heat loss in winter, saving on both heating and AC bills. Here are a few simple do-at-home tips that can cut your electricity and heating bills. 1)      Check and fill leaks A professional depressurization test is the most effective way of identifying all the […] Read more »

Three Advantages Of Using Frosted Window Film In Your Home

There are a number of reasons why installing frosted window film on your windows might be a good idea. Some of these reasons include enhanced indoor privacy, protection from ultraviolet radiation, and better insulation. This article will discuss some of these benefits in detail so that you can make a more informed decision as to […] Read more »

Cavity Wall Insulation Saves You Money

Why should you have your home insulated? The answer is simple – to save money and to save the world! Households consume a large percentage of the worlds energy, and much of that is spent on heating during the cold season. If your home is not properly insulated, you are effectively pouring the heat – […] Read more »

Insulation Batts

Insulation batts, used to insulate above ceilings, within walls, and below floors, are pre-cut insulation panels most commonly comprised of fiberglass, although they also can be made of rock wool, plastic fibers, or natural fibers such as sheep’s wool. Fiberglass batt insulation is generally the least expensive kind of insulation and can save you money […] Read more »