Hiring the Right Heating Technician

If you’re in the market for a good heating service and repair contractor, then it’s more than a little likely that you think hiring the right guy will be a simple process. Just pick the contractor with the lowest prices, right? Wrong! In actuality, the first thing you should be looking into is whether or […] Read more »

Tips for Keeping Your Central Heating in Top Condition

Central Heating can be a blessing as well as a curse. Whereas it warms our homes with ease and the flick of a switch it can also cause us such headaches and pain when it malfunctions. This is why it is most important to keep your central heating system in proper order. Below are some […] Read more »

Various Benefits Of Using Electric Infrared Heaters

There are many advantages of using infrared heaters and they are fast becoming a popular alternative to other heating systems. In view of the fact that electromagnetic radiation is the means of producing energy through this heater it does not simply heat the air but is directed towards the objects or people in the room resulting […] Read more »

3 Types of Conservatory Heating

Your conservatory is probably going to be the hottest room in the house, so why would you want to have heating installed in the conservatory? Similar to how your loft is really hot in the summer and cold during the winter, your conservatory will be extremely warm during the summer but during the winter it […] Read more »

Dual Purpose Solar Roofing and Other Earth-Friendly Ways to Heat your Home

Heating your home and protecting its inhabitants against the cold is definitely not a simple matter. This is especially true when you think about the rising costs of heating oil which, according to CNN, have increased by as much as 10% in the year 2011. Add to that rising costs of other fossil fuel -based […] Read more »

Looking for a Remington Heater? Review the Different Types

To live comfortably you need to have some control over the weather, like a cooling device in the summers and a heater in the winters. One popular brand of heaters is Remington, which are designed to heat any given enclosed unit.  A Remington heater is quick to warm a room and those in it. If […] Read more »

Is The Cast Iron Fireplace Grate The Right Choice?

What should you look for in when you are in the market for a fireplace grate?  There are many factors you need to consider as you find an ideal grate.  You want something that not only looks good with your fireplace but also serves its very practical function.  You want to consider factors such as […] Read more »

How Efficient Are Fire Place Inserts and Performance of a Wood Stove for a Modern Home

A wood burning fireplace will only provide maximum heat if fuel is constantly added to it. It will also emit air pollution in the form of smoke containing nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and other particulates. But if you utilize a fireplace insert or wood stove, the performance of a traditional fireplace can be improved and […] Read more »

Consider Safety First When Installing A Ventless Fireplace

Many homeowners are installing ventless fireplaces as alternate heat sources in the home. The traditional fireplace must have a chimney to vent smoke to the outside. A ventless unit needs no such structure. It is faster and less expensive to install and, when used properly, it is completely safe. Ventless Fireplace Safety Issues Some homeowners […] Read more »

Home Heating Solutions: Fireplace Blower Fan

Most people today try to find heating solutions that are the most economical. Those that have a fireplace most definitely are at an advantage. A fireplace will easily heat one room of the home, but can heat a much larger area if a fireplace blower fan is used. How a Fireplace Blower Fan Works The […] Read more »

Wall, Ceiling and Baseboard Electric Heaters for Homes

There are many options of electric heaters for homes. These vary in performance, style, and design; thus, offering consumers with varied placement or mounting options. For personal spaces or houses, some of the popular choices are electric wall heaters for homes, ceiling heaters, and electric baseboard heaters for homes. One of the most important considerations […] Read more »

Pros and Cons of Steam Radiators

A steam radiator is a water-based home heating device. Here, steam travels through pipes to provide heat to radiators. There are generally two kinds of steam radiators and these are the one-pipe and two-pipe system. In the one-pipe system, steam travels from the furnace to the radiator through one pipe. Steam condenses and goes back […] Read more »

Electric versus Hot Water Hyrdronic Baseboard Heaters

If it’s economically sound for a house to utilize hydronic baseboard heaters, these are actually great at making rooms toasty and comfortably warm during cold winter months. It is called “hydronic” because here, there’s a need for a closed system of pipes to be installed around a house. These pipes will be where the water […] Read more »

2 Vital Considerations When Choosing Lennox Fireplaces

A fireplace gives a home a certain ambiance. There are fireplaces that evoke a romantic feel, while others offer a cheerful, homey or elegant atmosphere. Given the expansive selection of fireplaces available today, you can easily find one that will best suit your taste. One of the leading names out there is Lennox. Backed by […] Read more »

Hydronic Heating Systems & Supplies – temperature monitors

If there is one thing you need to understand about hydronic heating systems, it is that it is a system that mainly works with heat and pressure. Because of the fact that there is so much that goes into it and there are so many hydronic heating supplies that go into the system and they […] Read more »

Tips For Using Wood Burning Heaters

Vogelzang Heartwood VG820E Wood-Burning Heater One of the most economical ways of heating a home is by using wood burning heaters. However, you need to be careful when using these types of heaters. Any heater used for burning wood must be kept away from the wall as well away from furniture. Also, extra care must […] Read more »

A Guide to Radiant Floor Insulation

If you are looking for a way to save bit of money on your energy bill this year you could purchase and have radiant floor insulation installed. More and more home owners are opting for this solution year after year and home retailers regularly boast about how great it is. But what exactly can it […] Read more »

Wood Burning Stoves

Stoves Contrary to what many people currently think the wood burning stove has not yet gone out of style, especially in rural parts of the country and places further north. In fact, a lot of stores that stock appliances and outdoor equipment have contemporary wood burning stoves available for purchase. There are some things you […] Read more »

Using Oil Filled Radiators Efficiently

If you want to save money on your heating bills in the winter, you can turn your thermostat down and let your house stay a little bit cooler or you can use oil filled radiators. While many people might be most comfortable in a home that’s about 21° (70°F), setting your thermostat lower than that […] Read more »

How Do Gas Wall Heaters Work?

How do gas wall heaters work? The simple answer is through the process of convection. By heating the air itself, wall gas heaters can gently raise the temperature of a room while still providing a great deal of comfort. Generally speaking, there are two main types of these heaters – models that pull in air […] Read more »

Home Structural Designs that Offers Great Comfort Such as Indoor Fireplaces

There are many home structural designs that can offer pleasant mood and great comfort to the people living inside the house, whether these architectural schemes are done to alter the exterior or the interior look of your house.  The fact is, the desire to live and stay in a place that makes us feel good […] Read more »

Comparing the Price of Heat Pumps

There are many options to cooling your house, and the Goodman SSZ16 Heat Pump is only one of the many options that are out there.  For an efficient machine that is still good for the environment, the Goodman heat pump is one of the best, even having a specialized top for noise reduction. From the […] Read more »

Caring for Your Fireplace

A fireplace is a wonderful thing to have in your home, but there are some things that you should keep in mind to make sure that it is clean and safe. With some basic steps, your fireplace will provide you with years of quality service. A wood fireplace will require more maintenance than its electric […] Read more »

Heating Your Workspace Efficiently this Winter

As winter is just around the corner, many of us are thinking about a new garage heater for our workbenches or workshops. While your options may seem overwhelming, we can highly recommend an infrared garage heater for your workshop or garage. Sure, they can help you get more use out of your workshop during the […] Read more »

Researching Electric Underfloor Heating

When researching your central heating and cooling options, many stumble across radiant electric underfloor heating with a giant question mark above their head.  While it is not widely known throughout standard consumers and homeowners, electric underfloor heating is a form of heating that controls the climate of an interior space by using conduction, radiation and […] Read more »

Using A Cast Iron Radiator Cover For Home Safety

When the temperature dips, it is time to turn up the heat.  When this scenario plays out, lowering the thermostat can mean that cast iron radiators can get extremely hot to touch.  This can create a safety issue and is especially a danger to young children and pets which can easily get burned by simply […] Read more »

Underfloor Heating Systems For Your Outdoor Pavilion

If you are in the planning stages of building a backyard or pool pavilion for your home, then keep in mind some added options that may create a more inviting user experience for yourself, family, and friends when they are visiting. The few things that come to mind are of course a big screen flat […] Read more »

The Micathermic Heater: Another Step in Heating

Are you living in a drafty apartment? Do you not want to mess with bulky space heaters? Are Snuggies just not your style? Well, your answer is here: a micathermic heater. The micathermic radiator heater uses electricity to provide heat and are also energy-efficient, so they save you money. They use 80% convection and 20% […] Read more »

One Big Heater, or Two Smaller Heaters: Calculating Electric Heater Efficiency

There are several easy ways, when purchasing heaters, to mathematically calculate how many watts it will take to heat up a room as well as plenty of online sites with calculators that are fairly easy to use. This information is your first step when looking for an efficient electric heater. Before figuring this out you […] Read more »

Why Choose an Electric Fireplace Insert

Why choose an electric fireplace insert? There are a number of reasons. The inserts are an alternative to gas and wood burning fireplaces. They save homeowners large amounts on their heating bills annually. These inserts are elegant, inexpensive, and are extremely cost effective in an economy that is pinching every penny. As an alternative to […] Read more »

Underfloor Heating Information from Architects Belfast

The traditional heating system in most homes consists of a heating source, typically called a boiler, connected to a network of pipes and metal radiators. Each room usually consists of at least one radiator depending of the size of the room. The whole system is filled with water which is heated by the boiler. The […] Read more »

The Basics of Cast Iron Radiators

While not as common in modern homes, the cast iron radiators are still a very efficient way to heat and is used often in office buildings and apartment complexes. Basically, very hot water or low-pressure steam is forced through pipes into the radiator unit. The hot medium then heats the metal and the process of […] Read more »

Halogen Heaters – What You Need to Know

Halogen heaters are transportable, lightweight heating devices that are great for providing instant warmth in a small, enclosed area. The heat is provided by halogen elements as opposed to electrical coils or butane/propane conductors. There are different types of halogen heater for different environments, both indoors and outdoors. An oscillating halogen heater ensures that heat […] Read more »

Why Fireplace Glass Doors Are Important

Fireplace glass doors serve multiple purposes for those that buy them and have them installed on their fireplace. Often times people do not realize the purpose of these products when they purchase them and just buy them because they look nice. While this is perfectly okay there are more benefits to them that many people […] Read more »

Chosing a Ceiling Fan Heater

A somewhat newer creation that many individuals are utilizing worldwide is the ceiling fan with a heater. Regular fans (not heated ones) are great, as they give individuals cold air during times of hot, turbulent weather. For example, during a hot, summer day a person may turn on his  fan in order to provide a […] Read more »

Heating Your Home

When an individual chooses to have a new house built, the home builder will determine what type of heating device is installed in the home. There are numerous types of heaters on the market to chose from. It used to be a drastic difference in price between gas and electric heat. Now, most are looking […] Read more »

Finding The Right Propane Wall Furnace Online

A propane wall furnace can be used in many areas where a standard heating system is simply not feasible. Any outdoor structure, such as detached garage, gazebo or utility shed, can benefit from having one of these installed. This will allow these areas to be used more frequently during cold weather. Propane wall heaters are […] Read more »

What are Fireplace Grates?

Fireplace grates are raised and latticed stands that are used to hold burning wood in the fireplace. They are usually made of some form of iron- either steel or cast iron. Cast iron fireplace grates are sturdy and popular. A grate improves the performance of your fireplace by leaps and bounds. Fireplace grates are also […] Read more »

Choosing A Bathroom Ceiling Heater

If you live in North America or Europe, chances are you’ve had experience with cold bathrooms on winter mornings, that wake you up a whole lot faster than you would like. The tricky thing about bathrooms is that they are constantly under siege from sources of water and dampness that threaten to lead to unsightly […] Read more »

Electric Garage Heaters Heat Up Your Garage or Shed

For those who love to spend time working in their garage or shed on various projects, you may find that as the weather gets cold you are less and less likely to spend time working on the projects you want because it simply gets too cold outside and therefore in the garage or shed, too.  […] Read more »

Wood Or Gas For Your Fireplace

Millions of single unit homes are equipped with a fireplace. It is a choice people make for several reasons. To use as a supplemental heating source and save on energy bills, to use for ambiance and decor, and some for ecological concerns. Often people wonder whether to buy a wood or a gas fireplace. If […] Read more »

How To Save Money On Heating Vents

Let’s face it, your heating vents are white, boring, and probably really dirty.  So you start shopping around for new vents and you realize that they really don’t cost that much.  You find really cool ones for $20, some that would look great in your bedroom for $15, and perfect wooden ones for the kitchen […] Read more »

Choosing a Space Heater Correctly Can Save You Money

With heating bills on the rise, choosing a space heater that is energy efficient can help you combat your winter dollar blues.  There are a few different types of space heaters available and many old designs have been retooled for ultimate heating and lower energy costs.  Propane heaters have been around for many years.  Propane […] Read more »

Reasons Why Actual Propane Gas Prices Can Rise

Propane prices are on the rise again, but what causes this? Is it as simple as cold weather or are there other factors affecting actual propane gas prices? Propane is a very versatile fuel. Many people are used to using it as their fuel of choice for summer barbeques, while others use it primarily as […] Read more »

Improve Efficiency With A Fireplace Blower

A fireplace blower can dramatically improve the efficiency of your fire. You may find that your fire is already kitted out with a fireplace blower but if not you can often fit a blower unit relatively easily. A fireplace blower is essentially a set up that takes heat from your fire and pumps it out […] Read more »

Outdoor Gas Fireplace Varieties

Outdoor gas fireplaces are types of fire-pits that are mainly designed for outdoor applications. Those who want to spend a fun time in the outdoors with friends and family will surely benefit with an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor gas fireplace tends to be the most efficient variety. Having an efficient fireplace in your backyard will […] Read more »

Central Heating Radiators – What’s Wrong and How Do You Fix it?

The operation of central heating radiators is fairly simple, which in turn makes them reliable. However, even reliable systems can experience problems. If you find your central heating radiator acting up, here is a list of common problems, their associated symptoms, and how to fix them. Air Trapped in Radiator If one radiator in your […] Read more »

Central Heating Radiators and Efficiency

Central heating radiators are used to distribute heat in a central heating system. Central heating is the most popular form of heating in the UK and is used in the United States and other locations as well depending on the climate. If central heating is the most suitable choice for your locale, then it is […] Read more »

Fireplace and Chimney Liners Safety

Most people know not to get too close to an open fireplace because flying sparks can cause burns. Fireplace grates are one way of preventing this. But there are many other less obvious dangers associated with using a fireplace that even the most clever people may not be aware of. A dirty chimney is a […] Read more »

Central Heating Radiator System Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are aware that central heating radiator systems can save them money but they do not understand the variables making central heating radiators more efficient then other radiator types. What follows are some frequently asked questions and answers about how central heating radiator systems can save you the most amount of money possible. How […] Read more »

Waste Oil Heaters – Mistakes to Avoid

Many people know that waste oil heaters can save them a great deal of money. If you do not have all the facts however, you will not benefit from the maximum savings possible. What follows are the main mistakes people make when using or setting up waste oil heaters to heat their home. 1. They […] Read more »

A Homeowner’s Guide to Baseboard Heater Types

When it comes to baseboard heaters there are a few things that you should familiarize yourself with. A baseboard heater has several benefits over other systems. These benefits can be found in the most popular types which include electric baseboard heaters and hydronic baseboard heaters. A baseboard electric heater has several benefits. The fact that […] Read more »

The Basics of Ventless Propane Heaters

People who live in very cold climates are usually quite familiar with the different types of heaters and fireplaces that will best heat a home.  Fireplaces are quite attractive to look at and they also enhance the beauty of the house.  However, many people may find that it is time consuming and hard work to […] Read more »

Invisible Heating Systems

Heating systems today come in many varieties. There are an assortment of wonderful modern radiators in all sorts of shapes and finishes which add a feature to a contemporary room. There are also some old fashioned central heating radiators which look wonderful in a room with a touch of history and tradition. The truth is […] Read more »

Choosing Cadet Baseboard Heaters

Cadet baseboard heaters are a good choice if you are looking for a heating system that has a low installation cost. They are also  very quiet, which makes them a good choice for bedrooms. These baseboard heaters are very effective at moving the warm air  throughout the room, especially if they are placed under a […] Read more »

An Amana Heat Pump Reduces Humidity

An Amana heat pump is a trusted type of heating system and has been a recognized name in homes for generations.  A heat pump generates heat through electricity, as it transfers heat between two separate reservoirs within the pump itself.  In the winter, heat is brought in from the external air and transferred to warm […] Read more »

Electric Baseboard Heaters in the Home

There are many advantages to having electric baseboard heaters in your home. Not only are they quiet, but they make it easy to vary the temperature of your home on a room-to-room basis. Electric baseboard heaters can be retrofitted into homes that originally had a different type of heating system, such as boiler heat, without […] Read more »

Cost of Home Heating Expected to Drop

The cost of home heating is expected to drop this winter which is a pleasant surprise for many home owners. Energy providers across the United States have announced that they expect energy prices to drop for the winter of 2009-2010, possibly as much as 25% lower. This means home heating will be more affordable and […] Read more »

Going Hybrid With a Carrier Heat Pump

If you are looking for a cost effective way to heat your home, you may be interested in a Carrier Heat Pump. Carrier Heat Pumps are cost effective and eco-friendly ways to heat your home, working much like an air conditioner does, to keep you home cool in the winter, although obviously with the opposite […] Read more »

Waste Oil Heater Benefits

If you want to drastically reduce your heating bills then a waste oil heater is the way to go. Most people do not understand what waste oil heaters are or why they are beneficial. Learning the benefits of using a waste oil heater; reviewing plans for building a waste oil heater yourself or knowing which […] Read more »

3 Basic Things to Know About Central Heating Pumps

When it comes to central heating pumps there are a few basic things you should know. If you already own a central heating pump you should know how it works so that you know how to tell if something goes wrong. If you have determined that you need a new pump there are a couple […] Read more »

The Basic Elements of Baseboard Heaters

When it comes to heating your home, you have a number of options to look at. Different heaters work in different ways, and each of them have their benefits. Some heaters just make more sense than others given the application. A whole house furnace does not make sense when you just want a low cost […] Read more »

3 Central Heating Problems That Can be Avoided

If you are in the market for a central heating system then it is important to know about central heating problems that can exist so that you can get the benefits you desire from the system you choose without having to suffer from the problems. It is important to familiarize yourself with the issues that […] Read more »

The Truth About a Goodman Heat Pump

When it comes to a Goodman heat pump here are some things that any potential Goodman consumer should know. Goodman is one of the largest manufacturers of heat pumps, their prices are good but their consumer reviews are not always great. By reviewing this information, you will avoid getting caught up in a lot of […] Read more »

4 Things You Should Know About Heat Pump Prices

If you want to acquaint yourself with the different variables that affect heat pump prices then there are a few things that you need to know. The four things that factor into the price of your heat pump are: capacity of the pump; efficiency of the unit; the expense of installation; and length of or […] Read more »