Zoning System Benefits

When it comes to keeping your house cool in the summer, it can be difficult to create the same level of comfort throughout the home. Zoning may be the answer. There are several benefits of zoning systems. A careful evaluation of these can help you to determine if zoning is an appropriate optoin for your […] Read more »

Vent Your Attic With A Solar Attic Fan

Attic areas can be one of the hot spots of the house. They can also be where homeowners suffer the most problems.   Installing solar attic vent fans will help to lower high temperatures.  Besides offering temperature control, they can help to regulate moisture.  They are  appliances that offer many different functions for home attics. Fans […] Read more »

Dyson Fan – An Innovative Bladeless Fan

The first time that a person looks at a Dyson fan without being aware of what it is they will probably wonder what sort of contraption it is, especially when it’s turned off. Its modern fashion-forward design is vaguely reminiscent of a wormhole that can transport people to other dimensions. The fan has a cylindrical […] Read more »

The Cooling Ability Of a Twin Window Fan

Optimus F-5285 8-Inch Twin  3 speed Window Fan Price: [lowest_new asin=”B000NQ6AD2″] Holmes 7 HAWF2021-U Twin Window Fan Price: [lowest_new asin=”B00008XET9″] Holmes model HAWF-2041 Twin Window Fan Price: [lowest_new asin=”B00005CDPH”] Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan with remote Price: [lowest_new asin=”B000065DKJ”] Lasko 2138 8-Inch Twin Window Fan – Reversible Price: [lowest_new asin=”B000BO5DCK”] Holmes HAWF2030 Twin Window Fan […] Read more »

Solar Screens – Best Window Treatment To Keep Out Heat

There are many kinds of window treatments available but none by themselves engage the same energy saving strategy that solar screens do. There are Roman blinds, plantations shutters, curtains, shades and more. These window treatments can help to filter sun light and therefore reduce the amount of heat you get inside your building or house. […] Read more »

Why Stealth Ceiling Fans Are Becoming Top Sellers

A stealth ceiling fan is a very functional yet very stylish piece of modern décor. Unlike a traditional antique or brass ceiling fan, a stealth ceiling fan is low slung and has aerodynamically shaped blades. These blades are shaped just like the wings on that iconic piece of 20th century military hardware the Stealth bomber. […] Read more »