Using A Cast Iron Radiator Cover For Home Safety

When the temperature dips, it is time to turn up the heat.  When this scenario plays out, lowering the thermostat can mean that cast iron radiators can get extremely hot to touch.  This can create a safety issue and is especially a danger to young children and pets which can easily get burned by simply touching the radiator.  This can also pose a safety risk if any flammable substances come in contact with the cast iron radiator which could result in fire.  Fortunately, there is a simple and affordable way to make your radiator much safer.

The installation of radiator covers is a convenient way to make hot radiators much safer.  Because radiator covers are manufactured specifically to fit over the radiator, they are a great way to prevent animals, people or any materials which might catch fire, from coming into direct contact with the hot metal.  Additionally, the user never has to sacrifice good looks in place of safety.  There are a large variety of decorative covers for cast iron radiators with designs that can be very simple to those that will simulate bookcases and many other elements of differing styles.  It is usually not advisable for people to build their own radiator covers, although someone with experience with that particular type of construction could certainly make their own.  Keep in mind, the task is not an easy one and there are many safety issues that will have to be considered.  In addition to their decorative properties, cast iron radiator covers are effective in helping to distribute warm air throughout a room, thus increasing the efficiency and helping to reduce heating bills.

In some situations, refurbished cast iron radiators may already be equipped with covers, but if they are not, covers can be purchased.  These covers may need to be located with a seller different than the one who supplied the radiators.  In order to have the proper fit, be sure to measure the radiators carefully and only buy a cover that closely fits the dimensions.  If the radiator has an unusual shape, a custom cover may need to be constructed.  Remember, precautions need to be taken even when a cover is in place because the covers can also become hot.  If the cover ever has to be taken off when the heat is on some form of protection, such as oven mitts or an old towel, should be used.