The Popular Carrier Weathermaker 8000 Furnace

The Carrier Weathermaker 8000 is a popular home gas furnace which has spawned several quality successors. The 8000 delivers steady heating, is relatively easy to install and was designed with efficient energy use in mind.

Efficiency of the Carrier Weathermaker 8000

One of the most highly recommended energy saving hvac products, the Carrier Weathermaker furnace  is known for being a smooth operating machine. In technical terms, this unit is a gas burning indoor furnace which uses a 58WAV upflow and a 58ZAV downflow. The former fits all standard installation specifications, while the latter is specifically for a horizontal install.
carrier weathermaker 8000
The insulated cabinet and inducer fan contribute to the unit’s economical operation. Together, these features decrease noise and vibrations, and distribute heat evenly and at maximum output. Optimum heating levels are maintained with the on-board microprocessor. This device senses and adjusts furnace power output throughout the day.

Energy and fuel are further conserved in the Carrier Weathermaker 8000 with a high quality ignition system. Dependable ignition means less wasted fuel. Safety is designed into the unit with a vent safeguard shutdown. When a vent becomes clogged or blocked, the furnace will shut down and prevent the build-up of deadly gases.

Comfort Heat in the Carrier Weathermaker 8000

Features that make this model of Carrier Furnaces superior over its competitors include the patented ‘ComfortHeat’ system available on 8000VS models. A furnace is only as valuable as the comfort it provides, and this Carrier technology keeps heat levels exactly where the user likes them.

Consistency is the key to this comfort, and the 8000VS provides a steady and quiet heating cycle to prevent temperature fluctuations inside the home. In cold weather, chilly drafts are reduced, and in warmer weather, heat spikes are avoided. The 8000 and 8000 VS models are user-friendly as well. The ‘smart control’ panel automatically adjusts to accommodate temperature changes in the most efficient manner.

Homeowners do not want to have to think about the temperature in their homes, and with the carrier weathermaker 8000 furnace, the job is done for them.