Carrier Furnace Parts: How to Find the Parts You Need

Sometimes, some parts do give in earlier than others. This isn’t necessarily a reflection of the quality of a product. Instead, it’s just normal and expected for equipment to deteriorate over time. If you are looking for Carrier furnace replacement parts, there are actually a number of online shops where you can get these. Several online merchants provide impressive lists of spare parts for almost any HVAC system and many of these online stores are also approved by Carrier to carry their product line of spares. But before going to other online stores for parts, you can also check with your product’s manufacturer.

Using the Carrier Model Search
The manufacturer of a product is often the number one source of model parts or information regarding these. So, go to then put your pointer over the “Product Solutions” section. You will then see a number of action choices. Choose “Search Models.” Once you click this tab, the “Model Search” page will appear. This section is really helpful because if you aren’t sure of the model number of your system, there are model numbers to choose from with specific descriptions. Examples are: 33ZCSENPAT Sensor, Temp, Primary Air or 35N Terminal, Dual Duct, VAV or CV. This is really a huge help because most of the time, it’s hard to figure out where to find the whole model number or Carrier furnace part number. If you have the model number, you can also just type it in and press “Search” to get results.

How to Find the Carrier Model Number
Having the model number of your product makes the job of service people much easier. This will also allow dealers and Carrier support personnel to provide better and more accurate assistance when you need to troubleshoot something.

The model numbers of Carrier furnaces parts and also of the whole system are often detailed on the product manual or the documents that came with a system. It is also standard procedure to have the model number of units placed on the product itself. There are usual locations where these model numbers can be found. For instance, if you’re looking for the model number of an air conditioner or a heat pump, this will often be on the “rating plate” sticker. Look for the sticker on top of the back seated valve links. If you’re looking for Carrier gas furnace parts or oil furnace parts, unfasten the front cover and check the upper-left side of the interior. You’ll also see a “rating plate” sticker there where the model number is posted.