Choosing a Car Air Purifier

There are many types of contaminants that can cause problems with the air you breath when in your vehicle. The air in your car might smell bad because of dust, dirt, pollen, exhaust fumes and smoke. Also, the bacteria level in the air can be alarmingly high, especially because of the moist air of your vehicle air conditioner.

Fortunately there are car air purifiers that can help solve air pollutant problems in your car. Many of these types of air purifiers are designed to plug into the cigarette lighter socket of your car. Some car air purifiers also utilize solar energy. Car air purifiers can significantly reduce the amount of odors, dust and other pollutants in the air within your vehicle.

Air purifiers for cars can use a number of different air filtering methods to purify the air. Mini-HEPA filters are sometimes used, as are small photocatalytic filters. UV light can also be used to reduce the levels of airborne pathogens, such as mildew or mold. A carbon air purifier uses an activated carbon filter to help absorb odors such as smoke. Negative ionizers are also often used to freshen the air.

One type of popular car air purifier is the Ionic Breeze air purifier. Ionic air purifiers, including the Ionic Breeze air purifier, work on the principle of negative ions. The negatively charged ions help to eliminate airborne contaminants in the air, and as a result, the air is purified. This type of air purifier for cars operates very quietly, and is energy efficient. They are also easy to maintain, since they don’t have filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. However, to insure that they are working effectively, it is generally recommended to clean any of the blades that help move the air, as they can become dirty and reduce the efficiency of the air purifier. Ionic car air purifiers generally plug into the car cigarette lighter socket. People who use an ionic car air purifier generally report that not only are odors removed, but the air smells cleaner, and more like fresh outdoors air. People also often say that when they use an ionic car air purifier, they feel more alert while driving.

Ionic car air purifiers, as well as other types of car air purifiers, are extremely beneficial when you share a car with a smoker. Although no car air purifier can completely reduce the harmful effects of second-hand smoke, an air purifier can do a lot to clean the air, and make it more pleasant to breath.