High Efficiency Burnham Boilers

Boilers and furnaces are heating equipment that can rack up huge energy bills, especially for homes in cold areas where heating is vital. But if you opt for the newer and more efficient models, these types conserve a lot of energy which also means huge savings on energy expenses.

Burnham boilers have a good reputation as highly efficient boilers. Past types of boilers consumed a lot of energy as these provided the heating requirements of a home. These days, there are a number of contemporary choices that give sufficient warmth to homes at lesser cost. Burnham models are examples of high efficiency boilers. These types use up less energy but rapidly generate heat for homes or quickly make warm water for home use. Some of these models are the Apex Series Burnham Boiler and the MPC Boiler. There are also Burnham boilers that can readily meet the load of big buildings, such as the Steam Boilers and the C Series Boilers.

Apex Series Boiler
Boilers in this series have 95% efficiency and are condensing boilers. Heat exchangers are made of stainless steel, so these aren’t prone to scratching or rust formation. Sizes available are: 399, 500 and 800 MBH. MBH pertains to energy consumption. The design is compact, but it can deliver thousands of BTUs.

MPC Boiler
This is also known as the Multi-Pass Commercial Boiler. Oil or gas can be used to fuel this unit, which is primarily for water heating. It is 89% efficient with a built-in thermal shock protection. The 4-inch thick insulation seals in most of the heat from the boiler so that installing workers or repairmen can readily work with the device. MBH input for the MPC boiler range between 500 and 3,600. This also has SBC control which allows the control of 8 modulating boilers. The SBC control helps to save time and money on installation since there are fewer controls for the boiler, and boilers can be readily fired to the rate of modulation needed to meet a certain load.

When choosing hot water boilers, it is crucial to compare prices and to check a boiler’s efficiency in relation to energy utilization. So, you can have an idea on how much power a boiler requires to meet the needs of your home. By being able to estimate the energy demands of your boiler, it will be easier for you to approximate if this will be a costly or an energy-saving machine.