Broag Boilers – The Latest Gas 110 Eco Boiler

Broag UK is a subsidiary of Broag Remeha, which is also under the globally acknowledged De Dietrich Group – makers of heating systems for more than three decades. The company primarily provides heating systems to European consumers, and they have also expanded their wings to deliver dependable, convenient, and energy saving heating equipment in many other parts of the world.

The latest boiler from Broag is the Gas 110 ECO with two variations. The Gas 110 ECO-65 has an output range of 13.3-65kW, and the Gas ECO-115 with 18.4-113.8 kW. Both domestic gas boilers are floor standing, gas fired condensing boilers. For the Gas ECO 110 model, the heat exchanger is made of aluminum. All boiler components, including all electrical and electronic wiring, are within a sealed air box. This is the main boiler casing which can be removed from the front portion. Because major components are enclosed, this makes maintenance for such gas boilers for home heating much easier and safer too.

One of the innovative features of the Gas 110 ECO that makes it the best gas boiler to date is the “ABC” or advanced boiler control. This control is able to supervise the conditions of the boiler, and it can make changes depending on what the boiler needs. For instance, the boiler can adjust heat output in order to match the needs of the system load. The “ABC” system can also manage and react to external changes, like air or gas supply problems or flow rates; so the system enables the boiler to function and maintain its standard output without lockout condition as long as the boiler can. In worst case scenarios, the boiler will decrease its output or go on shutdown mode until external conditions normalize. Only then will the unit restart.

Broag carries both domestic and commercial boilers. The company also has a line of Broag combi boilers, system boilers and heating boilers. Combi boilers, specifically the 24c, 28c, 35c, 39c, are collectively known as the Avanta Plus Combi Range under the Broag-Remeha Group. These are space saving and these can function even when the water pressure is low. Among the most well-known brands that they also have are the Quinta Pro and the P Series Range (P320, P420, and P520). Quinta Pro boilers are wall hung and gas condensing types, while the P Series Range are floor standing, gas fired boilers. The latter are also fairly advanced types and utilizes pressure jet, three-pass sectional boilers made of cast iron.