Boiler Prices – Mistakes People Make

Many people make some crucial mistakes when evaluating boiler prices to determine what is the best value for their money. What they do not realize is that boiler prices are not indicative of long term savings; choosing repairs over purchasing a new unit can be more costly not less and efficiency rates should be closely scrutinized, not ignored. Avoiding these mistakes will help you determine what boiler is truly the best price over the long haul.

Boiler prices are not indicative of how much a boiler will cost you in the long run. For example, Condensing gas boiler prices are $2,000 more on average per unit than other boilers. However, they are much more cost efficient and will therefore save you money in energy bills. A condensing gas boiler that is installed and maintained properly will last your for many years and will save you at least $400 a year in energy bills. Making the mistake of evaluating the boiler price and not its efficiency is not the only mistake people make.

The high price of a boiler makes many people choose boiler repair over purchasing a new boiler. If the boiler is relatively new and the repair is minimal then this is not a bad decision. However, it often does not pay to fix old boilers. This is due to the fact that a repair can be done, but a technician can not improve on the efficiency of an oil furnace so your energy bills will continue to be much higher then they would be with a new boiler. The cost of recurring repairs coupled with the higher energy bills that come with using an old boiler make repairing an old boiler versus buying a new much more expensive. For those that do opt for buying a new boiler, they often neglect to compare boiler efficiency rates.

For a true reflection of an overall boiler price in the long run, you need to compare boiler efficiency rates. Neglecting this part of your research is a huge mistake. The rating to look for is called AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It is the measurement that represent how efficient a boiler is over the course of a year. The higher the rate, the higher your savings. Gas boilers often have AFUE ratings over 95%. This makes them one of the most efficient and cost effective boilers around.

Now that you understand how to properly evaluate boiler prices you will judge new boilers in a whole new light. When making your decision keep in mind that boiler prices by themselves are not indicative of how much the boiler will cost you in the long run; repairs are more costly because they can not improve the efficiency of an old boiler and the higher the AFUE rate of a boiler the more money you will save in energy bills.