Boiler Juice Quote and Servicing

Boiler Juice is a company based in the UK which is focused on providing affordable home heating oils to consumers. The company works a lot with local oil suppliers, which is why they can provide heating oils at very competitive prices. The way they work is that once a consumer orders heating oil, Boiler Juice will search the client’s vicinity for suppliers and choose the one that offers the cheapest price. So, people with household boilers will truly be able to benefit from competitive Boiler Juice prices.

Those who are considering using the Boiler Juice site when ordering heating oil will surely enjoy many advantages. First of all, they will be informed about current oil prices because the company makes certain that Boiler Juice oil prices are updated every time there’s a change in oil prices, which can mean that prices may be revised every hour or so. Secondly, consumers will surely save a lot when they buy in bulk as oil supply will be transported with all the others belonging to the same post code. This is what they refer to as Group Savings. Third, the site makes it very simple to order and to get Boiler Juice quotes online. The first step is to fill out a few details about your oil requirements, like how many liters you need, postcode, type of oil, tanker type, and also your email address where they will send a price quote. If you’re satisfied with the quote, place your order and then just wait for the oil to be delivered to your home.

Apart from supplying heating oil for boilers, the company also offers boiler servicing. Through their official website, you can get servicing quotes. Clients will also feel more at ease knowing that their boilers will be taken care of by expert and trained OFTEC technicians. It’s advisable to have boilers maintained and checked by professionals even before noticing anything wrong with these devices because proper maintenance will ensure that a boiler is working efficiently, which also translates to more energy savings. Boiler Juice recommends that homeowners have their boilers, stoves, and other appliances that function on oil serviced once a year. Servicing will ensure that the flueing device is working properly and OFTEC personnel will also ensure that heating appliances are safe for use. If you fail to have your appliance serviced regularly, you’ll run the risk of operating a leaking or inefficient device. So, have the company provide you with a Boiler Juice price and other servicing needs.