Blueair Air Purifiers Are A Favorite Among Consumers

Not many products can maintain a top notch rating among its consumers, but the Blueair air purifier system consistently earns a five star rating from its customers at places such as Amazon and Epinions. It is easy to see why Blueair brand purifiers are cherished by those who have purchased them. They are made with the customer’s health and comfort in mind. They are powerful yet unobtrusive and most people hardly know they are there.

Take for instance the Blueair 601 Air Purifier. It is a stately model capable of handling a variety of regions in your home or office. It has air purification capability for as much as 679 square feet of space. It is perfect for big spacious family rooms and meeting lounges. It is also very effective in stuffy areas like closed off kitchens. This model comes with four different settings giving you even more flexibility. Even though this is the more robust air purifier, it takes up very little space in your home. The dimensions are only 13x20x26 inches so it is easy to place into an inconspicuous spot.

Another great model is the Blueair 501 air purifier. It has the same dimensions as the 601 model and can handle a space up to 620 square feet. The benefit to this model is that it is very inexpensive to operate. It comes in a steel housing and offers an optional different filter for smokey areas as well. It too has several different setting options for ease of use and comfort. Another great model to look into is the Blueair 402 air purifier which is suitable for smaller areas of up to 365 square feet.

Both the Blueair 601 and the Blueair 501 air purifiers do an excellent job of clearing the air for people with allergies. Not only do they clean your air of known allergens such as dust particles, mold spores, pet dander and more, but they do it extremely well. They can trap even the smallest of particles ensuring that your home is free from dust and allergen particles as small as 0.1 microns in size. One thing that consumers truly love about Blueair air purifiers is the fact that they are so quiet. They emit clean air through a wider area than other air filters and purifiers so there is less noise often found in models that blow air out through small exhausts. This system also reduces the cold draft that other systems are commonly known for. In fact, when you set them on the lowest setting, there is barely any sound or wind resistance at all.