Baldwin Filter Cross Reference: The Significance of Cross Referencing

Baldwin is an industry leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of filtration media, especially those for mobile filtration. A few samples of the types of filters that the company offers are: lube, air, fuel, hydraulic, and coolant filters. The company is backed by over 75 years of experience in the industry and has continued to create new and higher efficiency products. On their official website, you’ll find current updates about new product releases, new product supplements, as well as products that have become obsolete. This means that the company is continuously evolving and creating better materials for consumers.

Why do we need to perform filter cross referencing? There are a number of important reasons why cross referencing tools are significant. When you perform a Baldwin filter cross reference, you’ll be able to check if a specific Baldwin filter has an identical filter type that is manufactured by another brand. More specific examples are: a Baldwin B2 can be replaced by a Fram PH8A or a Baldwin B7165 can be used instead of a Fram PH8170. With the Baldwin oil filters cross reference, you can check facts indicating that these oil filters can be used interchangeably.

You can readily compare filters with the use of the Baldwin air filter cross reference or the Baldwin oil filter cross reference E-catalog. Here, the following information in tabular form will be immediately provided: OEM Part ID, OEM Manufacture, Baldwin Filters, and also a picture of the product. So, it’s easy to see what type of Baldwin filter will be apt to use as an alternative for other types of filters belonging to other brands. You will be able to better focus your search if you have the part number you’re looking for. To illustrate, if you enter the PH8A part number, you’ll be readily given information about what brands manufacture PH8A parts, such as Fram, Grand Prix, Ace, Apollo, and Warner. This part can be substituted with the Baldwin B2, and if you want more facts about the B2, you can just click on this and another wave of facts will appear before you. The information is all about the B2 product containing facts such as: a general description; what the B2 item contains; what type of vehicles it will be suited for; what it can replace; length; and many other helpful details that will aid consumers in deciding if this type of product is really an appropriate choice.

Using the Baldwin filter cross reference guide is truly helpful because it assists buyers in thoroughly scrutinizing the items that they are interested in. This way, they will be able to ensure further that a product has the right specifications because it’s important to find one that will be a perfect fit to protect equipment and to maximize results.