American Standard Furnace: Troubleshooting Common Problems

American Standard is a trusted name in the heating and cooling industry. The company has gained the respect of people globally because they continue to provide reliable machines that perform better than expected. Still, it cannot be avoided that some consumers will experience problems with the brand. Some buyer issues are due to external situations, improper installations, or maybe because of the normal process of wear and tear. Remember, even if American Standard furnaces are made to be long lasting, there may be overworked internal parts that may give in earlier than expected. So, here are a few problems based on American Standard furnace reviews and also a few DIY repair tips.

No or Less Airflow
• Airflow can easily be hampered by dirt and dust on filters. So, check your American Standard furnace filters, particularly if airflow is less than usual. Clean or replace filters if needed.
• If you cannot feel any air flowing from the furnace, the problem may be with the blower. It may need to be replaced or fixed by a qualified technician.
• If your unit is located outside, check if there are shrubberies that may be blocking air circulation. Make sure that plants and other bushes around your unit are trimmed away from the device so that it will be less likely for plant debris to accumulate around the air vent. If there are leaves, twigs and other items that may have gathered around the vent, remove these to encourage air circulation.

No Heat
• One of the things that most homeowners often forget is resetting or calibrating their thermostats. This is vital because if a thermostat records a room temperature higher than the real room temperature, the furnace will fail to turn on. Set your thermostats to the time desired to make sure that your furnace will be providing heat inside your home at the right time.
• Check your circuit breaker and fuse. If these are tripped or if these have blown due to overloading, then you won’t have enough power for your furnace. Tripped breakers will need to be reset, while a blown fuse will have to be replaced.
• A furnace will not work without a gas or propane supply. So, see if the gas valves are open. If you do not detect gas from the valve, then verify if your gas company has turned your utility supply off. This is usually done when furnaces are being installed.
• Sometimes, the furnace will not continue to work if its pilot light stops working. Pilot lights are vital American Standard furnace parts that people often overlook. So, see if you’ll only need to relight this or purchase a new one. Pilot lights are available in any hardware store and you can install these on your own easily.