American Standard Air Conditioning Systems

The American Standard air conditioning unit is known for its reliability and endurance. Units are classified under three distinct categories, namely: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Silver Series
Models from the Silver Series are the most affordable, with the Silver SI Air Conditioner as the cheapest. In the comfort scale, these types are given 2 out of 5 stars. On the efficiency scale, these are given 2 to 3 stars. Also, these are mostly single stage cooling systems, which means that these units operate at one specific level during the entire time that a unit is running.

Gold Series
These kinds are more expensive than the Silver Series. The level of comfort offered by models in the Gold Series is given 3 stars, while efficiency is 2 to 3 stars. Generally, these are also single stage cooling systems.

Platinum Series
These are the most expensive air conditioners offered by American Standard with efficiency and comfort rated at 4 to 5 stars. These units are two stage cooling systems. So, air conditioners can operate at two stages, meaning these offer higher outputs when it is hot and lower outputs when it’s cold. For people who like the convenience that hi-tech systems offer, they can go for the Platinum ZM Air Conditioner which has an Acculink Communicating System. Here, electronic devices can “communicate” with each other on a certain radio frequency in order to stabilize internal household conditions.

Though American Standard is a trusted and globally respected brand, there are still a number of consumers who’ve had some bad experiences with their units. Yet, there are also a lot of good things written about the brand. To give you some ideas, here are some snippets based on American Standard air conditioning reviews.

– Some consumers have had problems with the compressors and other American Standard air conditioning parts that continue to require repairs many times in one year.
– Apart from faulty parts, a lot of clients have also been left unsatisfied with the services of technicians. There have been reports of service people being disrespectful and unhelpful.
– Many consumers agree that with yearly maintenance, regular filter replacement or cleaning, and performing a monthly flushing of cooling system helped in lengthening the life of their unit. Some have been with their American Standard air conditioners for decades.
– Units are very quiet and energy-efficient. A number of consumers highly recommend the brand, particularly those American Standard air conditioning units which have two stage cooling systems.