An Amana Heat Pump Reduces Humidity

An Amana heat pump is a trusted type of heating system and has been a recognized name in homes for generations.  A heat pump generates heat through electricity, as it transfers heat between two separate reservoirs within the pump itself.  In the winter, heat is brought in from the external air and transferred to warm heat within the home.  Even in below freezing temperatures, a heat pump is enough to heat the entire home.  In the summer, a heat pump works the same way, except that it removes the heat as it transfers it into the house.

One of the best benefits of Amana heat pumps is that they reduces the humidity in the air inside the home.  Because a heat pump uses the heat from the air, it is not an ideal heating device for extremely cold areas.  The heat pump also uses an air filter, which aids to cleaner and healthier air.  One final benefit that the Amana heat pump offers is the quiet efficiency with which it runs.  Each one of the products from Amana, including the heat pump, comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  On the Amana website, browsers can see the specific warranties that come with each product that Amana sells, and can also read a description of each product and choose the one that works best for them.

Another form of the Amana heat pump is the PTAC heat pump, or Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners.  PTACs are used mostly in hotels and assisted living quarters because of the energy saving features that are associated with it.  Another form of the Amana heat pump is the Amana window heat pump.  This heat pump operates the same as the standard heat pump, except that is used as a window unit instead of free standing.  The Amana heat pump prices run between $489 for a window heat pump and $559 for an Amana PTAC heat pump.

Overall, an Amana heat pump is a very smart choice for homes with relatively mild to moderate winters.  For residents living in areas with severe temperatures and extreme cold, a heat pump may not warm up the house quite enough to keep it comfortable, since it does use the existing external air to transfer into warm heat.  Amana is an excellent company with reasonable costs.