Amana Air Conditioning: The ASXC18 Air Conditioner

Distributed and licensed by Goodman, the Amana air conditioning units are recognized for their durability and good performance. The company offers a broad selection of heating and cooling equipment, as well as accessories.

Among the air conditioners that Amana offers, the one with the highest SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is the ASXC18 model. High SEER ratings are given to appliances that are very efficient, and this is why a lot of consumers, who have written Amana air conditioning reviews, praise Amana units for helping to optimize energy use. Owners of the ASXC18 unit will enjoy many benefits from this system. The most attractive features of this unit are that it can be linked to the ComfortNet Communications System and this unit contains the R-410A refrigerant. The ComfortNet system is a communications system that allows appliances to communicate and adjust home temperature settings. Most Goodman and Amana units can be ComfortNet enabled. As for the R-410A refrigerant, this does not contain chlorine. So, it will not harm or damage the planet, unlike the R22 which is being slowly phased off. Another key feature is the unit’s Copeland scroll compressor. This type is efficient and it is used with a condensing coil and copper tubing.

Amana also has popular portable and window air conditioners. Their portable units are also highly efficient and fairly affordable, and prices can range between $290 and $370+. Their selections of programmable wall air conditioning units are also reasonably priced. You can have a wall air conditioning unit for about $800. Amana air conditioning prices vary depending on the model and its features. If you want to obtain a good price quote for the Amana ASXC18 unit, it’s best to get in touch with a local dealer or contractor.

The Amana air conditioning warranty is quite generous. They offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty for their units with high efficiency and those that use the R-410A refrigerant, as long as a unit is registered. This can easily be done online within 60 days from the date of installation. Parts are said to have a 5-year warranty.

When it comes to Amana air conditioning parts, you can purchase the part you need online or get in touch with your dealer who can direct you to the right part suppliers. Another option is to contact Amana consumer services and ask for assistance.

Before purchasing any cooling unit, it’s best that you check out what other consumers have to say about the item that you’re interested in buying. As for Amana air conditioning devices, these have been lauded for their cooling power and how quiet they are. Many consumers also prefer this brand because their units are user friendly and these can also remove some of the humidity in the air.