Combi Alpha Boilers

If you’re looking for a company that specializes in boilers, one of the most reputable brands today is Alpha Heating Innovation, otherwise known as Alpha Boilers. The company is originally from Italy but they have been providing good quality boilers in the UK for almost 50 years.

Alpha Boilers offers a selection of combi boilers that are very suitable for residential areas. A combi boiler or combination boiler supplies both central heating and hot water. These types are preferred because they are space-savers. With the use of a combi boiler, there won’t be any need for a large water tank to hold hot water as this can supply hot water on demand. So, it also helps in conserving energy, which means savings on utility bills too.

The Alpha Boiler company has three lines of combi boilers, and these are: the Alpha CDC, Alpha CD50, and the InTec X models. The Alpha CDC models possess a very modern polished exterior with stainless steel heat exchangers. It has a unique Alpha hydroblock feature that includes the diverter valve and uses less pipes for a more immaculate and less confusing pipe network. The measurement of a standard CDC model is 720x440x300mm, so it can easily fit in beside other kitchen appliances. Another commended feature of this range is that products have integral Seasonality Valves. The temperature of the incoming main influences the domestic hot water (DHW) flow, which permits more flow during warmer seasons. For the CDC range, the guarantee is 3 years. There are three products under the Alpha CDC range with DHW outputs of 24kW, 29kW and 35kW, respectively. The CD50 model, on the other hand, is best for homes with multiple baths or homes where baths and showers are often used at the same time because this has a built-in 52 liter storage unit. It also has a stainless steel heat exchanger; plus, a frost thermostat. Its key feature is its 3-minute cylinder recovery which can heat water in three minutes after the hot water tap is turned off. So, hot water supply is immediately replaced. This model has a DHW output of 32 kW and also a 3-year guarantee. The newest line of Alpha boilers is the InTec X range. Like the CD50, each of the 24X and 28X model has a stainless steel heat exchanger and a frost thermostat. The innovative feature of the InTec X combi boilers is its LCD control panel. This allows homeowners to view comprehensive information about heating and hot water supply. The hi-tech control panel allows easy operation, servicing and maintenance too.