Avoid Costly AC Repair Through Regular Maintenance

AC repair can cost a lot of money, and in these difficult times, we want to avoid any unnecessary expenditures if possible. But repair will always be a part of any equipment or household appliance that is constantly being used, like the AC unit. Remember that an air conditioning unit, like other house appliance, is not immune to malfunctioning problems. It will encounter repair issues at some point in its lifetime. But there is a smart way to save money and avoid possible AC repair cost.

There are certain AC problems that do not need the service of qualified professionals, like the Champs AC Repair Atlanta or Champs AC Repair Charlotte. You should know that some AC problems are simply caused by poor maintenance, and these issues can be addressed by simply cleaning certain AC parts that are prone to problems like dirt and grime accumulation such as the cooling coil

A cooling coil is generally a coiled arrangement of pipe or tubing responsible for the transfer of heat between two fluids. Over time, the coil will eventually accumulate dirt and grime. This will in turn affect the performance of the air conditioning unit because its ability to absorb and radiate heat will be hindered by the build-up of all these materials. When the air flow is blocked with dirt, debris, ice, or frost, it will damage the cooling coil or worst the AC unit completely stop from functioning altogether. That is why it is important to regularly clean your cooling coil. Here are some tips on how to clean your cooling coil in order to avoid unnecessary repair cost.

First step is to, of course, turn off the power of the unit in order to avoid electric shock. Once done, next thing to do is to remove the grille by unclipping it or loosening the screws. Most grilles have clips attached to the unit, while others are fastened with screws. Then, you have to remove the ac filter to expose the cooling coil. After that, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and debris inside the cooling coil. Use a comb fin to straighten any bent coil fins. This will also help restore the condition of the fins like they were new. You may have to replace air conditioning filters when they are already worn out or damaged so that the AC unit will be able to function optimally again. New filter can be easily purchased in local hardware store. After replacing the old air conditioner filters with the new one all that is left to do is to attach the grille back. Then, turn on the unit to see if it is working properly again.