5 Effortless Energy Saving Tips You Still Are not Following

By now, we all know and, at least attempt, to adhere to familiar energy saving mantras such as; ‘take showers, not baths’, ‘don’t leave appliances on stand by’ and, of course, ‘turn off the light whenever you leave the room’.
However, there are still a number of equally easy, equally effective home energy saving tips that have still not been adopted as widely as they should be. Here are 5 such ways to reduce energy consumption that we still aren’t doing.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

There’s nothing particularly complex about this. Just as washing at a lower temperature saves energy, going the whole hog and washing your clothes with cold water will up that saving dramatically. And guess what? Your clothes will still come out clean!

The savings to be made here really are substantial, which, when you consider that 90% of the energy your machine uses goes into heating the water, is hardly surprising. Every time, you opt for a cold wash instead of using warm water you’ll reduce your carbon footprint be the equivalent of a 9 mile car journey.

Dry Clothes on the Line

home energy saving tipsIf the weather is fine make the most of it, sun yourself by all means, but don’t forget to do the same for your clothes. Tumble dryers use a great deal of energy, and they can also damage your garments so it’s great to avoid using them. Even if the weather is awful, opt to use a drying rack instead of a tumble dryer and, over the course of the year, you’ll notice a real impact on your energy usage which will result in much lower energy bills and big savings.

Changing Air Conditioning Filters

Dirty, clogged up filters make your air conditioning unit, which is a highly energy intensive appliance in any case, work harder than it would otherwise have to. Indeed, failure to swap your filter for a new one about once a month could cost you thousands of dollars, waste valuable energy and even pose a significant threat to your health. The same is true of your furnace filters.

Treat Your Fridge Right

Your fridge will make a major contribution to your energy usage, and seeing as it does a vital job for you, it makes sense to treat it right. This means giving it the conditions that will allow it to perform its task (keeping your food cool) with a minimum of difficulty. So, if you can it’s a great idea to move it into the garage, where it will be coldest and won’t have to contend with your central heating system.

However, if this isn’t an option other things you can do include never putting anything hot in it (such as leftovers that are still warm) and being quick about it when you open the door. If you have the door open for a minute, your fridge will have to run for three more minutes, just the lower temperature back to what it was.

Use Ceiling Fans

ceiling fanIt’s rare that you’ll be told to use an electrical appliance as a way to save electricity, but when it comes to keeping cool, which is a costly business, it’s about going for the lesser of two evils. The decision is simple; fans use less energy than air conditioning.


About the Author:

Sam Johnson writes a number on environmental issues, including ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and avoid being stung by rising energy prices.

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