3 Types of Conservatory Heating

Your conservatory is probably going to be the hottest room in the house, so why would you want to have heating installed in the conservatory? Similar to how your loft is really hot in the summer and cold during the winter, your conservatory will be extremely warm during the summer but during the winter it is going to be a lot colder as it doesn’t have the insulation the rest of the house does. You therefore need to know a few things about conservatory Heating.

So that you can use the conservatory through the night and during the winter, it is recommended that all conservatories have some sort of heating in them. There are three main ways of  heating a conservatory  which we will look at individually below.

Under Floor Heating

conservatory heatingConservatory underfloor heating is the most common form of heating for a conservatory. A trench is dug into the floor which then has heated pipes running through it. Floor Grilles then sit on top of the trench so as to provide level floor. This allows the room to be heated from the ground up without the need to have any space taken up by a heater.  The floor grilles also create an attractive feature in the room.

Wall Mounted Heaters

If you have any solid walls in the conservatory, you could have a radiator mounted to the wall. This could even be hidden within the low wall of the conservatory if you have one, often providing a form of seating on top of the radiator.

Obviously if your conservatory doesn’t have any low walls or solid walls, you will not be able to have a wall mounted conservatory. The best thing about wall mounted heaters, especially those which are hidden in the low wall is that they do not affect the appearance of the room.

Portable Heater

If you do not have enough floor space to have under floor heating and do not have any solid walls to have wall mounted heaters on, you may want to think about buying a portable heater which you can use the in the conservatory when needed. Any household heater will be suitable, whether its gas or electric is your choice.

The biggest advantage is that you can change the heater whenever you want and remove it from the conservatory during the summer, while the biggest disadvantage is that portable heaters are not normally the most attractive or energy efficient ways of heating a space.

The author is currently working for Vale Garden Houses who design and manufacture the most beautiful bespoke conservatories.