3 Central Heating Problems That Can be Avoided

If you are in the market for a central heating system then it is important to know about central heating problems that can exist so that you can get the benefits you desire from the system you choose without having to suffer from the problems. It is important to familiarize yourself with the issues that can cause problems if not attended to. Three main problems can occur with central heating systems. 1) Central heating systems that sit unused for months may have problems when started up the following winter. 2) Some central heating systems can overheat. 3.) Radiators in gas central heating systems can get clogged. Understanding these issues will help you avoid central heating problems and will allow you to get the most benefit possible from your central heating system.

Central Heating Requires Seasonal Maintenance

Central heating is only used during the cold winter months. Most people do not live in a climate that is cold all year long so the central heating system gets turned off at the end of the cold season and turned back on many months later once the warm weather has ended and the cold returns. When a central heating system sits unused for that amount of time, problems can occur. If you only turn your heat back on when it gets very cold, you may be in for a very unpleasant surprise when it does not work or does not heat your home properly. Central heating problems of this nature can be avoided if you turn the system on in the fall, before the very cold weather sets in. This gives you a chance to attend to any repairs or issues and to have your system ready for the cold winter. Once you know your system is working properly, you can start thinking about how to improve your system’s efficiency.

Central Heating Can be Inefficient

In modern central heating systems, the boiler and pipes are very well insulating resulting in very powerful heating throughout the house. Over insulation of the pipes however causes wasteful overheating. When the pipes and boiler are insulated well the frost thermostat sometimes does not operate properly which results in overheating and the subsequent high energy bills. Overheating a home is wasteful and inefficient. One solution to this problem is a pipe thermostat that detects over heating in the pipes and will shut down the heating system when that happens saving you money in energy costs. Another central heating problem to keep in mind are clogged radiators in gas systems.

Gas Central Heating Problems

A gas central heating system consists of a boiler and several radiators that deliver heat to individual rooms. When a radiator gets clogged with sludge, dirt or debris, the room will not heat properly. The solution to this problem is to check all your radiators regularly for clogging. There are chemicals that can be added to the water supply of the heating system that help prevent this. If your radiator has become damaged it may be necessary to replace it all together.

Now that you know some of the problems with central heating systems, you can avoid them by taking the steps outline above. Central heating is a very popular system because it usually does a very good job at heating the whole house. You need to keep in mind however that central heating needs seasonal maintenance, additional thermostats may need to be added to prevent overheating and high bills and radiators in gas systems need to be checked regularly for stoppages. If you put this information to use you will be able to enjoy a central heating system that heats your home well and is energy efficient at the same time.