Is A High Efficiency Furnace Worth The Investment?

In certain situations investing in a high efficiency furnace is going to be a no brainer. Take a look at this scenario, and if you can relate, seriously consider upgrading, as this is a worst case scenario. What fuel source do you currently use to heat your house? If you’re using oil, you’re likely going […] Read more »

Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting

An excellent way to reduce your electricity bills and conserve energy is to utilize energy efficient lighting. By practicing green living principles, millions of households can promote energy conservation each year. Below is an outline of some of the energy efficient lights and fixtures available on the market. Ballasts – these are the electrical components […] Read more »

The Future of Energy Saving has to Incorporate More Than Just Turning off a Light

The energy efficiency of any home combines elements of its structure, its internal insulation, energy supply, appliances and common sense. Ideally, energy-efficient features in a house should be incorporated at the design and building stage. However, this is not an option for most householders. They are faced with the task of introducing energy-efficient measures and […] Read more »

Tips for Keeping Your Central Heating in Top Condition

Central Heating can be a blessing as well as a curse. Whereas it warms our homes with ease and the flick of a switch it can also cause us such headaches and pain when it malfunctions. This is why it is most important to keep your central heating system in proper order. Below are some […] Read more »

The passive house

The new buzz word in house construction is Passive House. This is a new type of home which is insulated, air tight, fully equipped and comfortable, while minimizing the losses of all types of energy. This new way of designing houses, gives constructors a new possibility to combine materials which have not been used before […] Read more »

Checking The Insulation of Your Home

Good insulation is essential for efficient heating of your home. The best heating system won’t work too well if the heat is creeping outside. There are many reasons to reduce your energy consumption. Ecological concerns like global warming and a shortage of resources are a reason for some. Others are more attracted by the saving potential of […] Read more »

Conserving Cash when it’s Cold: Winter Money-saving Tips

Wintertime can be hard on wallets and purses. When the days are short and dark and the weather is cold it’s inevitable that we’re going to turn on more lights and spend more on keeping the house, and ourselves, warm. There may be other unavoidable expenses too; salt and grit for icy paths, anti-freeze and […] Read more »

Vent Your Attic With A Solar Attic Fan

Attic areas can be one of the hot spots of the house. They can also be where homeowners suffer the most problems.   Installing solar attic vent fans will help to lower high temperatures.  Besides offering temperature control, they can help to regulate moisture.  They are  appliances that offer many different functions for home attics. Fans […] Read more »

4 DIY tips for better insulated windows

Well insulated windows can reduce solar gain in summer and reduce heat loss in winter, saving on both heating and AC bills. Here are a few simple do-at-home tips that can cut your electricity and heating bills. 1)      Check and fill leaks A professional depressurization test is the most effective way of identifying all the […] Read more »

5 Effortless Energy Saving Tips You Still Are not Following

By now, we all know and, at least attempt, to adhere to familiar energy saving mantras such as; ‘take showers, not baths’, ‘don’t leave appliances on stand by’ and, of course, ‘turn off the light whenever you leave the room’. However, there are still a number of equally easy, equally effective home energy saving tips […] Read more »

How to Cut Energy Bills and Save

Many of us will have recently enjoyed the pleasure of the snow with children frolicking as schools close for the day, families having fun making snowmen and young  couples throwing snowballs at each other. However, as the temperature plummets, the central heating gets notched up and those energy bills continue to rise; something that many […] Read more »

3 Options For Reducing Oil Dependence

It’s no secret that oil is a finite resource that will run out someday. As supplies have become more limited, we’ve seen gas prices climb higher and higher—and our wallets have taken a brutal hit as a result. High levels of oil consumption are not only problematic for our finances, but for the environment as […] Read more »

Your Energy Bills Explained

Most utility companies send quarterly bills – either by email, or in the post, but do you actually read your bill? Are you sure that it’s accurate? Energy bills can be pretty confusing to read, especially at first glance – but it’s worth spending a few minutes working through the bill to make sure that […] Read more »

Various Benefits Of Using Electric Infrared Heaters

There are many advantages of using infrared heaters and they are fast becoming a popular alternative to other heating systems. In view of the fact that electromagnetic radiation is the means of producing energy through this heater it does not simply heat the air but is directed towards the objects or people in the room resulting […] Read more »

How to Get the Most Out of Your Air Purification System

Installation of a new air purification system is very important to keep your family safe and healthy. However, there are many more tasks you can and should perform to ensure your system works as intended. Here are a few aspects of your home you should inspect and upgrade as necessary to ensure your air purification […] Read more »

Renewable Energy Jobs and Traditional Skills

Energy usage is on the up globally, but traditional energy sources, such as fossil fuels, are running out. Governments around the world are exploring alternative energy sources such as solar power, wind farms, and hydro-electric power. Renewable energy jobs are the career of the future. Traditional Skills For people who have trained in traditional jobs […] Read more »