Safety Guidelines for Home HVAC System Installation

An HVAC technician’s job encompasses a whole range of operational procedures and tasks, many of which pose risks to personal safety that could cause injury or even death.  Because of this, a great deal of his training is devoted to operational safety practices and familiarity with gears and equipments that will make any work area […] Read more »

Extractor Fans Are Your Friends When it Comes to Mold Prevention

Before the 1980’s and 1990’s buildings were not nearly as energy efficient and well insulated as they are today. Sash, single glazed windows would let the cold air in and a lack of insulating materials in the walls and attic meant a great deal of heat escaped the home. Home heating wasn’t as advanced as […] Read more »

Getting the Right Home Furnace

A furnace is a device designed to heat a home or other building and can be thought of as the heart of your home.  Energy efficiency is an important feature that each home furnace unit should possess.  If your furnace is quite old it is probably quite energy inefficient and replacing it may be a […] Read more »