Researching Electric Underfloor Heating

When researching your central heating and cooling options, many stumble across radiant electric underfloor heating with a giant question mark above their head.  While it is not widely known throughout standard consumers and homeowners, electric underfloor heating is a form of heating that controls the climate of an interior space by using conduction, radiation and […] Read more »

Using A Cast Iron Radiator Cover For Home Safety

When the temperature dips, it is time to turn up the heat.  When this scenario plays out, lowering the thermostat can mean that cast iron radiators can get extremely hot to touch.  This can create a safety issue and is especially a danger to young children and pets which can easily get burned by simply […] Read more »

Why You Should Buy a Honeywell RTH7500D Conventional 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Click on Image for pricing and more information on the Honeywell RTH7500D Conventional 7-Day Programmable Thermostat Browse the full spectrum of Honeywell Programmable Thermostats The US Department of Energy estimates that the average household in America spends $2,200 a year on heating and cooling costs. They also estimate that a significant proportion of this energy […] Read more »

Why An Outdoor Ceiling Fan Can Jazz Up Your Yard

When you think of your yard, you probably think back to lazy afternoons doing nothing, or cooking up a storm with your grill in the hot summer’s day, key words being HOT SUMMER DAY. If you’ve ever suffered scorching heats during the summer, and had no real escape from it even under the shade maybe […] Read more »