A Brief Rundown of the Titan Water Heater

The Titan water heater is a tankless water heater and is used to provide hot water on demand. As the name suggests, it will heat up water without the need for a storage tank. How a Tankless Heater Works The device warms up water as you need it, and instead of storing water in a […] Read more »

Underfloor Heating Systems For Your Outdoor Pavilion

If you are in the planning stages of building a backyard or pool pavilion for your home, then keep in mind some added options that may create a more inviting user experience for yourself, family, and friends when they are visiting. The few things that come to mind are of course a big screen flat […] Read more »

The Micathermic Heater: Another Step in Heating

Are you living in a drafty apartment? Do you not want to mess with bulky space heaters? Are Snuggies just not your style? Well, your answer is here: a micathermic heater. The micathermic radiator heater uses electricity to provide heat and are also energy-efficient, so they save you money. They use 80% convection and 20% […] Read more »

One Big Heater, or Two Smaller Heaters: Calculating Electric Heater Efficiency

There are several easy ways, when purchasing heaters, to mathematically calculate how many watts it will take to heat up a room as well as plenty of online sites with calculators that are fairly easy to use. This information is your first step when looking for an efficient electric heater. Before figuring this out you […] Read more »

Beat the Heat with a Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are a convenient way to cool down certain areas of your house.  Oftentimes, it’s simply not economical to cool down an entire house.  There are plenty of rooms in your house that you probably don’t enter on a regular basis, and there’s no need to waste energy cooling those areas down. Finding […] Read more »