Replacing Air Conditioner Filters

Clogged air conditioner filters effect the efficiency of air conditioners as well as the quality of air they release. A dirty air filter reduces the cooling effect of air conditioning systems as well as its air flow. This makes air conditioners utilize more electricity to work, thus increasing your energy bills. Also the air that […] Read more »

Is Your Air Conditioner Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency has become a hot button issue in recent years as the environment has become a concern to most citizens. As a result consumers are constantly targeting for replacement the older appliances in their homes which require large amounts of energy consumption. One such system that is often overlooked or simply brushed off because […] Read more »

Why Choose an Electric Fireplace Insert

Why choose an electric fireplace insert? There are a number of reasons. The inserts are an alternative to gas and wood burning fireplaces. They save homeowners large amounts on their heating bills annually. These inserts are elegant, inexpensive, and are extremely cost effective in an economy that is pinching every penny. As an alternative to […] Read more »

Finding HVAC Parts for Old HVAC Units

Once your HVAC units start to age quite a bit, you will be required to find more and more parts. This can get harder and harder the older the units get. Many HVAC parts are becoming hard to find as manufacturers have gone out of business and no longer produce these parts. If you are […] Read more »