Keeping Cool When Its Hot with Portable Air Conditioning

Summer is on its way and it won’t be too long before the mercury is climbing into the high numbers and we are all sitting around melting in the heat of those glorious, balmy summer days. If you look forward to those days with relish, then this probably is not for you, but if you […] Read more »

Underfloor Heating Information from Architects Belfast

The traditional heating system in most homes consists of a heating source, typically called a boiler, connected to a network of pipes and metal radiators. Each room usually consists of at least one radiator depending of the size of the room. The whole system is filled with water which is heated by the boiler. The […] Read more »

Inspecting your Payne Furnace Filters

As with any type of furnace, it is important to check and change your Payne furnace filters regularly. In the process of checking or changing your filters, remember that you should take care not to turn on your furnace when there is no filter inside. If you run your furnace with no filter you can […] Read more »

The Basics of Cast Iron Radiators

While not as common in modern homes, the cast iron radiators are still a very efficient way to heat and is used often in office buildings and apartment complexes. Basically, very hot water or low-pressure steam is forced through pipes into the radiator unit. The hot medium then heats the metal and the process of […] Read more »

Halogen Heaters – What You Need to Know

Halogen heaters are transportable, lightweight heating devices that are great for providing instant warmth in a small, enclosed area. The heat is provided by halogen elements as opposed to electrical coils or butane/propane conductors. There are different types of halogen heater for different environments, both indoors and outdoors. An oscillating halogen heater ensures that heat […] Read more »

Why Fireplace Glass Doors Are Important

Fireplace glass doors serve multiple purposes for those that buy them and have them installed on their fireplace. Often times people do not realize the purpose of these products when they purchase them and just buy them because they look nice. While this is perfectly okay there are more benefits to them that many people […] Read more »