How To Save Money On Heating Vents

Let’s face it, your heating vents are white, boring, and probably really dirty.  So you start shopping around for new vents and you realize that they really don’t cost that much.  You find really cool ones for $20, some that would look great in your bedroom for $15, and perfect wooden ones for the kitchen […] Read more »

Honeywell Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are of utmost importance in maintaining your home and selecting the correct type of filter can go a long way in helping you save money and benefit you with good health in the long run. Honeywell furnace filters are considered to be some of the best ones available on the market. If you already own a Honeywell furnace, it is recommended that you install a Honeywell furnace Read more »

Humidifier Filters and Other Humidifier Features

While the filter is the part of the humidifier that probably gets the most attention, it is only one of many features that you should take into consideration when shopping for a humidifier. Even the best humidifier filters will not make up for something that lacks in other areas. A humidifier filter is an integral […] Read more »

Choosing a Space Heater Correctly Can Save You Money

With heating bills on the rise, choosing a space heater that is energy efficient can help you combat your winter dollar blues.  There are a few different types of space heaters available and many old designs have been retooled for ultimate heating and lower energy costs.  Propane heaters have been around for many years.  Propane […] Read more »

Reasons Why Actual Propane Gas Prices Can Rise

Propane prices are on the rise again, but what causes this? Is it as simple as cold weather or are there other factors affecting actual propane gas prices? Propane is a very versatile fuel. Many people are used to using it as their fuel of choice for summer barbeques, while others use it primarily as […] Read more »

Improve Efficiency With A Fireplace Blower

A fireplace blower can dramatically improve the efficiency of your fire. You may find that your fire is already kitted out with a fireplace blower but if not you can often fit a blower unit relatively easily. A fireplace blower is essentially a set up that takes heat from your fire and pumps it out […] Read more »

Outdoor Gas Fireplace Varieties

Outdoor gas fireplaces are types of fire-pits that are mainly designed for outdoor applications. Those who want to spend a fun time in the outdoors with friends and family will surely benefit with an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor gas fireplace tends to be the most efficient variety. Having an efficient fireplace in your backyard will […] Read more »

Protecting Your Health With an Under Sink Water Filter

An under sink water filter is a filtration system that provides clean water in your home or office with the proper minerals left intact. At the same time, it blocks out contaminates from entering the water that you drink, cook, and bathe with. These contaminates can include lead, industrial waste, and various pathogens. Purchasing the […] Read more »

Central Heating Radiators – What’s Wrong and How Do You Fix it?

The operation of central heating radiators is fairly simple, which in turn makes them reliable. However, even reliable systems can experience problems. If you find your central heating radiator acting up, here is a list of common problems, their associated symptoms, and how to fix them. Air Trapped in Radiator If one radiator in your […] Read more »

How to Install a Hot Water Heater Blanket

Anyone looking for a way to cut back on their cost of living this winter might consider taking steps to make their household more energy efficient. Inefficient energy consumption, particularly in heating, is one of the leading causes of high electricity bills. It is also often times an easy fix. One simple action that can […] Read more »

Central Heating Radiators and Efficiency

Central heating radiators are used to distribute heat in a central heating system. Central heating is the most popular form of heating in the UK and is used in the United States and other locations as well depending on the climate. If central heating is the most suitable choice for your locale, then it is […] Read more »

Fireplace and Chimney Liners Safety

Most people know not to get too close to an open fireplace because flying sparks can cause burns. Fireplace grates are one way of preventing this. But there are many other less obvious dangers associated with using a fireplace that even the most clever people may not be aware of. A dirty chimney is a […] Read more »

Central Heating Radiator System Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are aware that central heating radiator systems can save them money but they do not understand the variables making central heating radiators more efficient then other radiator types. What follows are some frequently asked questions and answers about how central heating radiator systems can save you the most amount of money possible. How […] Read more »

Waste Oil Heaters – Mistakes to Avoid

Many people know that waste oil heaters can save them a great deal of money. If you do not have all the facts however, you will not benefit from the maximum savings possible. What follows are the main mistakes people make when using or setting up waste oil heaters to heat their home. 1. They […] Read more »

Whole House Air Cleaner Types

If you are thinking about a whole house air cleaner or purifier, there are many brands and choices on the market today. There are in general five different types of whole house air cleaners, the HEPA filters that attach to your ductwork, the type of electronic air cleaners available, electrostatic air cleaner devices, UV air […] Read more »

IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier Benefits

IQAir produces high quality air purifiers for commercial as well as residential  use. These air purifiers are considered by many to be the standard for effective air filtration and purification. By using the IQAir air purifier system, you will greatly improve the quality of the air in your home or office is dramatically cleaned, removing […] Read more »

Choosing a Crawl Space Dehumidifier

When choosing a crawl space dehumidifier for your home, one of the most important things to remember is that standard appliance grade dehumidifiers are not well-suited for the task of protecting crawl spaces. This is because standard dehumidifiers are not able to stand up to the climate conditions that crawl spaces are subjected to. In […] Read more »

Honeywell Air Filter Benefits

These days with all the allergens, pet dander and other contaminants in our air an air filtration system is a foregone conclusion. Honeywell air filters are one of the many brands available and a Honeywell air filter is one of the best things that you can do for your home. A Honeywell air filter comes […] Read more »

Honeywell Air Filters Fundamentals

Honeywell air filters are made with the facts in mind that every breath we take is filled with pollutants that shorten our lifespan and degrade our quality of life. Dust, dust mites, smoke, pollution, and other debris float in the air riding its way across until something absorbs it, such as your lungs. These toxin […] Read more »

Install Your Goodman Furnace Properly

What makes the Goodman Furnace so popular amongst consumers and contractors is its affordable price and reliable warranty. The Goodman company strives to make their products both reliable and affordable as compared to other furnace brands and they do a good job at it. Although some people equate Goodman’s low price with low quality, that […] Read more »

A Homeowner’s Guide to Baseboard Heater Types

When it comes to baseboard heaters there are a few things that you should familiarize yourself with. A baseboard heater has several benefits over other systems. These benefits can be found in the most popular types which include electric baseboard heaters and hydronic baseboard heaters. A baseboard electric heater has several benefits. The fact that […] Read more »

Understanding Boiler Installation

Gas boiler installation can be quite the task especially if you are unfamiliar with boiler installation. A gas boiler requires an attentive installation with no mistakes so that everything will work easily and smoothly. The same is true of wood boiler installation and any other type as well. Before installing any type of boiler you […] Read more »

Understanding Boiler Operator Jobs and General Boiler Jobs

Boiler jobs are seeing a shortage here lately due to the retirement of baby boomers. Many people are reluctant to commit to such a dangerous job, in spite of the high rate of pay. Employment is usually steady and year around done in shifts of 8 hours. Someone is always needed to keep an eye […] Read more »

Learn the Differences Between Boiler Service Types

A boiler service is quite different from boiler maintenance. A boiler service is only carried out by a registered heating engineer that will check that the heating system is properly installed in accordance to regulations, check that it works safely, and check that it works according to manufacturer’s instructions. The engineer will check and test […] Read more »