Installing Combi Boilers Makes Sense

Combi boilers are very popular in the UK, with it’s cold climate. Combi, short for Combination boilers means you do not need water tanks or cylinders because the boiler heats on demand. The unit heats the water itself meaning no need for a separate water tank. With a Combi boiler, a water heater and central […] Read more »

A Combination Boiler Saves You Money

Combination boilers, also commonly known as high-efficiency condensing “combi” boilers, are extremely popular in this economy because they can save space as well as money. A combination boiler is compact and efficient. It provides you with hot water and heat while saving money too. Combination gas boilers work like central heating boilers and they are […] Read more »

The Advantages of An Outdoor Wood Furnace

There are several advantages to owning an outdoor wood furnace. First and foremost is the savings in utility bills over using gas or oil. By using wood, a natural resource, you will save a substantial amount of money each year heating your home. As an example, people who replace their propane based furnace with wood […] Read more »

Wood Burning Furnace Types

If you are trying to cut energy costs or are concerned about the type of energy you use in your furnace to heat your home and its effect on the environment then a wood burning furnace may be for you. Wood burning furnaces will save you a considerable amount of money in energy bills however, […] Read more »

The Importance of Replacing Air Conditioning Filters

In the hot summer months, entering a home or office that has air conditioning can be very revitalizing. When you have an air conditioner, it is important to maintain the air conditioner so that it can operate at its maximum efficiency and properly cool the room it resides in. One of the ways to do […] Read more »

An Electronic Air Filter Makes Breathing Easier

In today’s world, the air we breathe is becoming more and more polluted and certainly less clean then several generations ago. There are many more pollutants in the air we breathe today then in the air we breathed in the past. There are more cars on the road and more and more buildings with no […] Read more »

Choosing a Gas Furnace

If your gas furnace is old, you need to replace it with a new, high efficiency gas furnace which will save you a lot of money in heating bills while keeping you warm on cold days. Old gas furnaces are not very efficient and you are paying for it every month in your heating bills. […] Read more »

What You Should Know About a Wood Furnace

A wood furnace is an inexpensive way to keep warm and it doesn’t emit any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Since wood is a renewable energy source, it’s good for the environment since it is not using fossil fuels. Wood furnaces have been used in cold climates for a long time to provide heat for […] Read more »

The Benefits of a Portable Furnace

There are many benefits to owning a portable furnace. The most obvious benefit, being in its name, portable. Since it’s easy to move, you can relocate a portable furnace anywhere. There’s no heavy equipment or difficult installation with furnaces that are portable. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance. Other heating sources require regular […] Read more »

Getting the Most Out of Your Oil Furnace

If you have an oil furnace you know it needs to be maintained regularly for best performance. Most maintenance on oil furnaces should be done by professionals, but anyone can learn how to do basic maintenance. To get the most out of your money and to stay warm, you need a high efficiency oil furnace. […] Read more »

Retrofitting Range Hoods

Remodeling a kitchen can offer several challenges. Often when you are modernizing a kitchen you will find it necessary to alter cabinetry or move things around. One of the biggest challenges in remodeling older kitchens is retrofitting range hoods. In homes that are more than 70 years old you will often find that the kitchen […] Read more »

Island Range Hoods Make Kitchens More Functional

Installing an island can ad a lot of extra functionality to your kitchen. The most common use is to add extra cabinetry and counter space. Often you will see them equipped with butcher blocks or sinks as well. Although counter space is an added benefit and generally the most common use for a kitchen island, […] Read more »

Blueair Air Purifiers Are A Favorite Among Consumers

Not many products can maintain a top notch rating among its consumers, but the Blueair air purifier system consistently earns a five star rating from its customers at places such as Amazon and Epinions. It is easy to see why Blueair brand purifiers are cherished by those who have purchased them. They are made with […] Read more »

Health Myths And The Blueair Air Purifier

Myth number 1 Claims have been made that if your home is carpeted you should remove the carpeting completely for the sake of your health. This resolution has been considered especially effective for people suffering from allergies and asthma. This theory however is up for much debate. If you are concerned about the air quality […] Read more »